individually wrapped                     



Ideas are as real as anything

"The question then is whether or not an idea can

be treated as an autonomous entity

or not, right?" haruki murakami


Individually Wrapped is an idea about fashion and personal style.

Ideas gives rise to other ideas,

and something uniquely individual results.

Individually Wrapped is an imagined world where

the mental meets the physical

in unexpected ways. 


This site shows a few examples of the Individually Wrapped


Wearable and non wearable, these objects tell individual stories.

Take a chance.

Have an idea.

Share it with us and we'll imagine something unique

just for you.

And soon you'll be creating your own, Individually Wrapped world.

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About June Bisantz

June Bisantz is an artist, musician and educator with a lot of ideas that lead her to very interesting places.  She has a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in painting, and has lived, worked and exhibited in New York City, Boston and Lost Angeles.  She is a published writer, experienced graphic artist, award winning jazz vocalist and art educator, and emerging fashion designer.  

Individually Wrapped is her latest project, intended to bring together

 ideas, art & individual style.