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Note to Self: Get a Job

At the conclusion of the second course in Parson's Fashion Essentials program "Think Like a Designer" , we've been asked to research and identify a real world job opportunity that interests us, and identify any missing skills required.#parsonsxteenvogue

1. Interesting job:

Vol.Up.2 - Avantguard Fashion Design Curator

Job description: Creating profiles of Avant Garde Fashion Designers, interviewing and compiling web profiles/stories

Skills: squarespace, design, fashion, graphic design, adobe creative suite, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, adobe indesign, visual communication, graphics, magazine design, page layout, vector illustration, poster design, typography

2. New skill/s needed: I have almost all the above skills. I am fluent in templated web authoring, an accomplished visual designer, experienced in visual communication including magazine design, vector illustration, poster design and typography. I am an experienced writer, and have conducted interviews and written professionally for technical and art magazines.

There are two new skills I would need to be a successful applicant for this job:

- Expand my knowledge of Avante Garde designers

- Become fluent in squarespace

3. How to acquire those skills:

- Expand my knowledge of Avant Garde designers: Establish a research path, follow where it leads, take notes and summarize/write up my research.

- Become fluent in squarespace: Create and account, learn the tools and how they work, and create a squarespace site about Avante Garde Design and my favorite designers.

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