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Recycled Fashion | Let it Slide

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

During my years as an exhibiting painter (until 2000 when I began creating art for public spaces), I amassed a huge number of slides representing my work. Slides were once the way artists submitted work to galleries, museums, competitions and teaching opportunities. Every artist had notebooks and boxes full of them. Now images are submitted digitally and slides have become a storage and disposal issue. I don't know what my colleagues have done, but in acknowledgement of past practice and future growth, I have recycled some of mine into what you might call "art wearables".

The images below:

Slide dress, Inspired by mid century French fashion designer André Courrèges.

Slide bag, created as a companion piece, in response to a course assignment for Parsons/New School's Fashion Essentials Program. #parsonsxteenvogue

Slide bag, created in response to an assignment from Parsons/New School's Fashion Essentials Program #parsonsxteenvogue
Slide Bag

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