• June Bisantz

The White Dress

The first course of the Fashion Essentials Program (Parsons/New School/NYC) was about developing - or identifying a personal visual style. I love the idea of clothing as visual storytelling. Although I felt certain I already knew my visual style, I did my best to respond appropriately to the assignments, one of which concerned the importance of the White Dress throughout fashion history. The lecture was given by Patrick Michael Hughes, whose obvious depth of knowledge and love of fashion history was a joy to witness. He assembled an outfit of mostly white garments and discussed the story each one told. Our assignment was to upload a photo of ourselves wearing a white dress from our own closets, and I've posted that here.

This long, white sequined dress, borrowed from my glamorous cousin, and worn by me at a performance at the Waterbury Palace Theater/Poli Club in Connecticut, tells the story of elegant, sparkling evenings spent in posh nightclubs with interesting people. It speaks of a life of affluence and luxury and all the best things in life.