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Digital Art for Non Majors is a course developed specifically for those not majoring in art,

but interested in experiencing the creative potential of digital software. 

Vector Art | Gif Animation

Happy Spring!  

a collaborative animation created by Eastern Connecticut State University students in

Art 231, Digital Art for Non-Majors.

Spring 2021

Alyssa Anderson

Henry Bigl

Joseph Caruso

Bridget Crowley

Angelina Chaverri

Carlos Castro-Gomez

Jimmy DeVivo

Zach Fauvel

Grace Goldberg-Doyle

Emily Hampton

Savannah Henault

Flor Hernandez Jose

Aimee McCarthy

Rene Mercado

Haydee Pepe

Nick Ruiz

Rose Wheway

View on Vimeo

T-Shirt Design: Eastern Connecticut State University's Mission Statement

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