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everybody's at the drive-in

Everybody's at the Drive-in is a video of over 200 portraits of people in the

Windham/Willimantic, CT community.


Free portraits were taken of everyone by Willimantic photographer Harrison Judd during End of an Era

2012, a community-based exhibition of large scale photographs commemorating the demolition of

Willimantic's last remaining smokestack. 

In 2013, Judd was awarded a Connecticut Main Street Award for Historic Preservation for his two related community-centered  projects, End of an Era & the Portrait Project. 

This video was created as a way to share the portraits in public space, and was shown at the

Capitol Arts Theater, Main Street, Willimantic in 2013,

and again on the big screen at our local drive-in theater on Memorial Day weekend, 2014. 


The sound track, Karla Bonoff's song, "Home" was created by area musicians

Jack Collins, June Bisantz, Jan Jungden, Mark Davis and Jim Mercik. 

portrait photography, Harrison Judd  video creation June Bisantz

special thanks to the Capitol Arts Theater and  Michael Jungden, the Mansfield Drive-in

for supporting the public screening of this video,

and to  Karla Bonoff  &  Jess S .Morgan & Company, Inc. for generously granting the rights to "Home"

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