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This work, done over a 15 year period is all watercolor or watercolor pencil. They fall loosely into 3 categories:

Signs & Storefronts: I was - and am - drawn to the fading beauty of the American urban landscape. For many years, I photographed old signs and storefronts, and working from enlarged photographs, reproduced them in my paintings. Very few of the actual signs and storefronts still exist. 

The Wild West: In the mid1990s, as a building in my home town was being dismantled due to a fire, wonderful Wild West show posters from many decades ago were discovered beneath the crumbling facade. I photographed them and reproduced them in a series of 7 large paintings, 6 of which are in the permanent collections of Eastern Connecticut State University and Naugatuck Valley Community College.

Magazine Graphics: In the late 1990's, I began reproducing images of women as they were depicted in magazine advertisements in the late 40's and early 50's. I was intrigued by the differences and similarities between the vintage and modern image of feminine power.  

This series led to my billboard work in which I used my own image integrated with vintage magazine scenarios.


1985 - 2000

Visual Art | Public Art

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