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It's Been A Long, Long Time

June Bisantz & Gordon Morrell

2023 - Americana

It’s Been A Long, Long Time is a true labor of love - 

created for the sheer joy of it. Seven iconic American songs recorded to celebrate the enduring musical partnership and friendship of vocalist/visual artist June Bisantz and guitarist/vocalist Gordon Morrell. 


Inspired by June and Gordon’s original playlist from the ‘70s, and featuring their signature close vocal harmonies, It’s Been A Long, Long Time is an upbeat reimagining of the eclectic Jazz/Americana that has always characterized their sound - a unique blend of  bistro,  New Orleans jazz, folk, and traditional country.


June and Gordon met in 1971 and immediately connected through the smooth, easy combination of their singing voices. Over the decades, they made music from Maine to California and back again, in clubs, concerts and studios - sometimes with years between reunions. But however long the separation, their voices always recombine as easily and naturally as breathing and laughing. 


On the 50th anniversary of their meeting, they searched for the best way to celebrate this personal and musical milestone, while living on opposite sides of the country.


Enter brilliant guitarist/arranger/producer David West. Together with his talented crew of internationally renowned musicians and the magic of remote recording technology, It’s Been A Long, Long Time became a happy musical reality - one that June and Gordon want to share with everyone.

June Bisantz - voice | Gordon Morrell, voice | Gilles Apap, violin | Nick Coventry, violin | Jim Mooy, trumpet | Tom Ball, harmonica | George Friedenthal, piano | Tom Lackner, drums |

Lorenzo Martinez, percussion 


David West, all guitars, banjo, string bass, piano

Produced by David West for Play Ball! Musical Services

Mixed & Mastered by Emmet Sargeant 

at Beagle Studios

Music downloads must be
completed on a computer 

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