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"Bisantz's penchant for intimate calmness and inner peace in her singing is prevalent throughout the recording. The album leaves the listener feeling sublime and likely wishing to revisit these sensations frequently."

"Bisantz's voice is smooth, mellow and beckoning-Nakhimovsky's piano provides that stability for the soloists to shine...Love's Tango really sails when all decks are on hand...that's the essence of this music, the big string sections, the sound of musical notes skipping along the tops of waves, the feeling of that warm wind across your face."

the Vinyl Anachronist
Marc Phillips

“June Bisantz and Alex Nakhimovsky, deliver a work that combines soft, melodic, jazz themes with a Rachmaninoff inspired string section - a magnificent work…Put this on and get lost in romance.“
Paul Wilson

"Rich toned vocalist June Bisantz, and classy pianist Alex Nakhimovsky lead a 4 member rhythm team, 3 member string section and horn section respectively through a breezy collection of irresistible sambas and beyond...A strong outing with new South American sounds."
Jazz Weekly
George W. Harris
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