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Skope Magazine
Jimmy Rae
"June Bisantz & Gordon Morrell have created pure magic here with their latest release and it's safe to say 50 years in the making! 'It's Been A Long, Long Time' is a culmination of all the years of friendship & collaborations all wrapped up into one, nice package. Their love of music, and in particular Jazz and Americana styles, comes shining through on. 'It's Been A Long, Long Time'."
Indie Band Guru
Kieth Pro

"When a musical connection happens it can be a magical thing - musical talents that complement each other so well that music can flow for decades. This has been the case with the longtime musical partnership and friendship of June Bisantz and Gordon Morrell. They have returned together again for a new album  "It's Been A Long, Long Time". Their voices meld miraculously.  The vocals are truly impressive, as they bring me to a smoky Jazz club,
sitting back with a nice cigar.
Nothing better!"
JW Vibe
Jonathan Widran
"On a purely musical level, June Bisantz & Gordon Morrell's dual album It's Been a Long Long Time is a heartfelt, beautifully rendered slice of musical nostalgia and a grand showcase for their still glorious vocal harmonies. More personally, the project - arranged, produced and featuring the versatile guitar colorings of David West - celebrates a 50+ year friendship and collaboration that has resulted over the years in countless club, concert and studio performances and multiple reunions. No matter how successful they've been individually - and with Bisantz, that includes decades of recordings and countless public and private art projects - there's something magical that happens when they join forces and effortlessly express themselves with a 
blend of bistro, New Orleans jazz, folk, pop
and traditional country music. For the artists, who live on opposite sides of the U.S., the impetus for this charming seven song, 21-minute set was 2021, which marked a half • century since they met and began working together. In addition to a charcoal rendering of their smiling faces, the cover art features their warmhearted mission statement: "Remember 
the CAREFREE California days ... and then REAL LIFE! Now ... hear their latest and greatest ... THE FRIENDSHIP PROJECT. There's a sweet traditional, even old-timey flavor throughout, encouraging listeners to time travel along as they bridge past and present, alternating vocals and then harmonizing on gems like the romantic and whimsical "It's Been A Long Long Time" (featuring violin and accordion), the buoyant, trumpet laced "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter," the wistful yet hopeful Jimmie Rodgers classic "Any Old Time" and the gently resigned "I Wish You Love," whose graceful accordion harmony reflects earlier, more hopeful times. Bisantz and Morrell's repertoire here includes the Gerry Coffin/Carole King classic "Will You Love Me Tomorrow," rendered with a brass-tinged embrace of sultry Latin energy. Though the duo wraps the collection with a minute long coda of "Happy Trails," here's hoping this isn't goodbye but an invitation to keep smiling until they actually do meet (and record) again. "

Radio Airplay 
Zachary Larson
"Beams with positivity, and  enthusiasm- keep this nearby, just in case you need a pick me up. Great job by all involved! Fans should keep their eyes out for the soon to be released “It’s Been A Long, Long Time”
The Jazz Owl
Travis Rogers Jr.


"June Bisantz has made a career of singing jazz and has been widely acknowledged for it. In time for the holidays, she has put together a marvelous collection of holiday tunes from Arnold Miller and Connie Pearce, called "7 Shades of Snow". It is wonderful! Done remotely in the winter of 2020 as the pandemic closed venues and recording studios, this is proof that the creative force will not be denied.  What a discovery! That Bisantz should uncover this collection and manage to get it recorded with the Jon Burr Sextet at the height of the disaster is extraordinary... Bisantz and the Jon Burr Sextet have given us a wonderful soundtrack for a return to holiday joys  - "7 Shades of Snow" is the best gift we could ask to find in our stocking!"



"There are certain albums from childhood that automatically ignites a holiday glow inside. If June Christy's 1961 classic "This Time of the Year" warms your heart, then 7 Shades of Snow (Arabesque Records) by June Bisantz should be on your wish list.  Stylistic concept vocalist and noted visual artist June Bisantz may be an acquired taste for some, but that was also the case for her late muse. If one doesn't know the original historical document, the songs will be new as they were all originally customed for Christy by the husband and wife team of Connie Pearce and Arnold Miller and arranged by the legendary Pete Rugolo. They are given fresh new treatments by bassist Jon Burr and his sextet of top NY pros.  "

Jazz & Blues Report
Ron Weinstock


"Vocalist June Bisantz's latest album is an EP of seasonal tunes. The six songs here were composed by Arnold Miller and Connie Pierce in 1960-1961 for June Christy and are still fresh for listeners six decades later...Backing Bisantz is the Jon Burr Sextet led by bassist Jon Burr.  They swing cleanly and tastefully behind Bisantz's relaxed, velvety singing...including a wonderful appreciation of snow on the titJe track, with lovely muted trumpet and flute behind the melodious vocal ... 7 Shades -of Snow• is an inspired addition to holiday jazz albums with sterling performances by Bisantz and her backing musicians. "

Jazz 2 Love


"Bisantz's current release on the Arabesque label is a collection of rare and tranquil  holiday/winter songs written by Arnold Miller and Connie Pearce for American vocalist June Christy in 1961. Bisantz'  "7 Shades of Snow" combines swing jazz with ballroom-glinted rhythms like torchlight waltzes and intimate trots. Bisantz's penchant for intimate calmness and inner peace in her singing is prevalent throughout the recording. The album leaves the listener feeling sublime and likely wishing to revisit these sensations frequently. "

B Man's Blues Report


"7 Shades of Snow, from June Bisantz is a bright and cheery look at seasonal music... Her vocals are smooth and rich with a well balanced orchestration from the Jon Burr Sextet. Wrapping the release is Winter's Got Spring Up It's Sleeve, a solid, complex ballad offering a nice break from many of the contemporary holiday tracks you're likely to hear on the radio.  "


Jazz Weekly
George W. Harris


"Rich toned vocalist June Bisantz, and classy pianist Alex Nakhimovsky lead a 4 member rhythm team, 3 member string section and horn section respectively through a breezy collection of irresistible sambas and beyond...A strong outing with new South American sounds."

All About Vocals
J. Pepper 

“A delightful collection of original music all pinioned in the Latin genre and offering 

appreciably well-hewn lyrics and melodies about love, with a focas on musicality. 

Of note is the effortless sophistication of Nakhimovsky’s compositional writing…

his arranging and writing skills, coupled with Bisantz well-crafted lyrics is inspired.  

At times their writing is so polished its easy to forget how harmonically complex these tunes really are, as you find yourself swept away by the emotions of the songs.”

Paul Wilson


“June Bisantz and Alex Nakhimovsky, deliver a work that combines soft, melodic, jazz themes with a Rachmaninoff inspired string section - a magnificent work…Put this on and get lost in romance.“

the Vinyl Anachronist
Marc Phillips


"Bisantz's voice is smooth, mellow and beckoning-Nakhimovsky's piano provides that stability for the soloists to shine--Norman Johnson's guitar, winning horn and string sections and Ed Fast's amazing support on all sorts of percussion. 

Love's Tango really sails when all decks are on hand...that's the essence of this music, the big string sections, the sound of musical notes skipping along the tops of waves, the feeling of that warm wind across your face."

LA Jazz Scene
Scott Yanow


"June Bisantz is a subtle and quietly swinging singer with a soft and cool-toned voice. Her soothing, yet heated vocals, the melodic material, and the high musicianship make Love's Tango a memorable listening experience"

Pop Culture Classics
Paul Freeman

"June Bisantz (vocals, lyrics) and Alex Nakhimovsky (piano, music, arrangements) make a terrific team...They're both in top form in this new album of original Latin/jazz songs. Whether delivering a samba, tango, bossa nova tune or Rachmaninoff-influenced string quartet prelude, the duo delivers, with vibrancy, sensitivity and charm An air of breezy romance flows through this winning new album from Bisantz and Nakhimovsky.."

Jazz Sensibilities
Stamish Malcuss


“What sets this collaboration apart are the originals...There is a depth to these songs that goes beyond the standard songbook...

the leaders have created refined originals that stand out as lasting pieces.” 

Sound In Review
Shannon Smith

"Bisantz has an entrancing voice, its deep and also opulently hued, with an alto tonality that adds to the sensuality of the lyrics.. that connect the listener to the journey. Love’s Tango is popping with sparkling melodies and outstanding performances. A fine collaboration by two talented writers ...  Its certainly clear they have a winning sound and a recipe for songwriting that is scrumptious."

Adjoran Horvat  

Co-leaders June Bisantz, a lauded vocalist and pianist Alex Nakhimovsky have come together to create a decisively Latin flavored casting of original compositions that are inventive as well as artistic, while still maintaining a deeply musical vehicle.


Bisantz has an easy-going alto style with a low burn sensuality that percolates with assuredness and sophistication. Nakhimovsky is genius with his colorizations of the melodies. You can hear the delicacy and maturity within his note choices. 


Delightfully witty lyrics, paired with music that enlivens the senses and lightens your heart. An engaging listen from start to finish, Love’s Tango is a recording of urbanity and splendor. That's the short of it!"

Leonid Auskern


"Love’s Tango, the new album by June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimosky invites you to the world of Latin Jazz.  This is  Latin music through jazz-glasses. There is elegance, refinement and glamour in every musical phrase."


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