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Love's Tango 

June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimovsky 

Global Music Award 2019

World Songwriting Award 2024 
A Wish That Came True - Best Jazz Song 
Love's Tango,  winner of a 2019 Global Music Award for lyrics & songwriting, and on the Roots Music Report's list of top Jazz Album 2019, is a collection of original latin/jazz songs co-written by June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimovsky exploring the many ways we experience love - romantically, exuberantly, nostalgically and philosophically.

June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimovsky have recorded, performed and toured together since 2005 including four tours of Japan and South Korea. This is their third recording project together and first writing collaboration. They share a background in classical music - both chose the violin as their first instrument - a love of Latin rhythms and jazz harmonies, and a serious playfulness that has distinguished and energized their partnership.


The CD features bossa novas, sambas, a Rachmaninoff-inspired ballad and one unique tango, from which the project gets its name.  Also featured on this recording along with many other accomplished musicians, are renowned trombonist Steve Davis and smooth jazz guitarist Norman Johnson.

Love's Tango celebrates the many ways we experience love - romantically, exuberantly and philosophically - with the Latin rhythms, classical ideas and jazz improvisations that characterize all things Tango. 

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